The website is shared hosted by (Brinkster). and Brinkster do respect your right to privacy and will not collect any personal information about you on this website without your clear permission. Any personal information which you volunteer will be treated with professionalism.

So far we do not use any cookies and we do not use any hidden form elements.

We are not responsible of the privacy policies of the website we are linking to.

Data Collection for Business Purposes

We do collect your personal data at a variety of pages (registration form, feed back form, shareholders form). Information provided in these pages will be stored on a shared web server at and will be replicated to the development team. Communication between your browser and our web server and the web server and our development teams computer equipment may not be encrypted and may not be secure.

We may keep record about the ISIN codes you enter in our search engine. Currently this is not done. The results of this ISIN code recordings may be published on our homepage and may be made accessible for data vendors and other interested 3rd parties.

We do not record "who is searching for what".

We may record how often each ISIN has been entered.

Data Collection for Client to Server Communication

The web server may collect statistical information like your IP Address, Browser, Operating System. Click at HTTP Client Info to see a list of elements which your client has sent to us. This information is not yet accessible to us. The policies of our hoster prevent him from using our log files. For IT trouble shouting purposes these log files may be read. The hosting agreement is saved in our documents folder.


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